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My book

Interaction Design in the Cyberjournalism Sphere – a conceptual model to analyze the interaction design in the cyberjournalism sphere” by Inês Amaral

The book focused on the impact of the Interaction Design in the context of Cyberjournalism. The thesis emphasizes the study of Human-Computer Interaction as a communication process that is conducted through an interface. The concept of interactivity was formulated by means of a multidimensional definition. The new digital scenery and the introduction of interactivity in journalism were object of particular attention in this study about Interaction Design. We have studied this field of design from a three-dimension perspective, interconnected with the elements that contextualized it and the user’s experience; furthermore, we’ve also analyzed the impact of Interaction Design in online information production. A conceptual model for analyzing the impact of Interaction Design was developed, in the context of Cyberjournalism. The model was operationalized into a matrix and into an interactivity scale. Through an observation instrument constructed with variables from the matrix, we applied the developed model to a sample of digital journals. The results show the viability of the model to analyze the interaction processes in the new media.

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