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Lib Dub @ Velha-A-Branca

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Audiovisual Thinking – the world’s first journal of academic videos

«Audiovisual Thinking is a pioneering forum where academics and educators can articulate, conceptualize and disseminate their research about audiovisuality and audiovisual culture through the medium of video.

International in scope and multidisciplinary in approach, the purpose of Audiovisual Thinking is to develop and promote academic thinking in and about all aspects of audiovisuality and audiovisual culture.

Advised by a board of leading academics and thinkers in the fields of audiovisuality, communication and the media and hosted by Copenhagen University, the journal seeks to set the standard for academic audiovisual essays now and in the future.

Why is Audiovisual Thinking important?

We study, teach and research the moving image, media and audiovisuality, yet we rarely mediate in these same forms and media. Audiovisual Thinking is a forum where academics and researches can articulate their thoughts and research about audiovisual culture and media in audiovisual ways.

Society has changed radically due technological changes in audiovisual mediation and new digital tools/platforms. Video is becoming a central part of our everyday life and communication, as well as a valuable tool for researchers to share their results, insights and engage with the academic and other communities. Academics have many different forms of media for expressing ourselves, for example text, audio and images. These different media have different strengths and weaknesses. Traditionally, academic dissemination and debate have relied very much on the written text. But now, audio and images should be embraced by the academic world, not because it is better than the written word, but because video can say things differently.»

[The call for videos is open.]

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SWiTCH Conference

SWiTCH Conference – Coimbra, 15 e 16 de Maio

«Mais do que uma conferência, a SWiTCH é uma experiência.
O objectivo é reunir mais de 500 empreendedores, cientistas e o cidadão comum, numa verdadeira experiência de partilha de conhecimento multidisciplinar. A palavra-chave de toda a conferência será diversidade, quer de ideias, participantes, oradores e temáticas. Durante os dois dias de conferência pretende-se realizar 30 apresentações, discussões em palco e inúmeras conversas a decorrer durante os tempos que vamos destinar ao networking

Site oficial
Artigo no Diário2
Teaser de apresentação dos oradores


«Bloggers in the Blogger Program get:

– Free 2-Day Conference Ticket;
– Special partners-provided goodies on the bag;
– Exclusive access to speakers for a press conference-alike event;
– Inside scoops from organizers (upcoming speakers, partners, etc);
– Detailed Information about the event they we’ll be blogging about;
– Interview speakers before the event in our teaser videos;
– Short mention on-stage;
– Highlight on SWiTCH website;


Bloggers in the Blogger Program must:

– Blog the event (and tweet it) at least 2 times prior to the event;
– Do live-blogging (internet access will be provided);
– Do at least 1 follow-up post»

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