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Creative Writing


Ben Perry has a great and historical collection of posters of propaganda on Flickr.

Russian and/or Soviet propaganda & advert posters [1917-1991]
Official US government postings during the World War II era

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Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007

Bloggers now threatened as much as journalists in traditional media“. Read more about this subject here.

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Numbers of the ranking:
1. Iceland and Norway
8. Portugal
24. United Kingdom
31. France
35. Italy
48. United States of America
91. Angola
94. Timor-Leste
107. Guinea-Bissau
144. Russia
And the last ones in the list
149. Zimbabwe
150. Ethiopia
151. Belarus
152. Pakistan
153. Equatorial Guinea
154. Syria
155. Libya
156. Sri Lanka
157. Iraq
158. Palestinian Territories
159. Somalia
160. Uzbekistan
161. Laos
162. Vietnam
163. China
164. Burma
165. Cuba
166. Iran
167. Turkmenistan
168. North Korea
169. Eritrea

Blog action day


Should do this: a new social network, from the creators of 43 Things.

Resources for education (and more)

Gliffy – create and share diagrams online
Jaycut – edit videos online
Spresent – create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online
XTimeline – create, share and discuss interesting timelines
FlashEarth – satellite images
Clevr – easy way of creating and sharing panoramic photos.



Google has bought Jaiku (And what about Twitter?)


Help Burma Now!

free burma

International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October

How to help Burma

Free Burma

Free Burma!

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